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Obama calls for increased spending for veterans

Efram Ramirez

Thursday, March 06, 2014, 3:20:17 PM
Obama calls for increased spending for veterans

As a number of nonprofit organizations look for ways they can assist veterans in finding job opportunities, the U.S. government recently announced its plans to provide funding for a select few of these initiatives.

President Barack Obama recently presented the 2015 budget, which breaks down the exact spending amounts he would like to pursue next year, to Congress. According to The Wall Street Journal, Obama's new numbers call for a 6.5% increase in veterans spending, meaning that the government would dedicate $163.9 billion to this cause. Specifically, the budget asks for $68.4 billion to be spent on medical care and discretionary programs, while $95.6 billion is set aside for disability compensation and pensions.

According to the source, Obama has placed a heavy emphasis on job creation for the nation's former and current military members, driven partially by the fact that younger veterans still retain a generally high unemployment rate. The Washington Post added that the funds would be used to tackle both housing initiatives and homelessness among service members, sponsored by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Department of Veterans Affairs released a statement March 4 that said through the new budget, care and benefits for veterans would be strengthened. Eric K. Shinseki, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, said that the spending would be beneficial for members, current and past.

"This budget will allow us to continue the progress we have made in helping veterans secure their place in the middle class," Shinseki said. "It is a tangible demonstration of the president's commitment to ensuring veterans and their families have the care and benefits they've earned and deserve."

He went on to describe that with the funds, the organization would be able to further provide assistance regarding education, health care and employment.

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