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Columbia University recruiter visits Camp Pendleton

Amanda Gross

Monday, November 14, 2011, 7:06:43 PM
Recruiters from colleges are seeking out veterans.Curtis Rodgers, dean of admissions at Columbia University, began recruiting at military bases two years ago and has found some of the best applicants this way, The New York Times reports. He recently visited Camp Pendleton and hopes to find more to add to the university, which leads the nation in how aggressively it recruits veterans.

Rodgers told the news source that, in general, Marines are less aggressive in interviews and more likely to downplay their achievements, even though they are often more impressive than the average college applicant's.

Columbia opened its doors for World War II veterans in 1947, whose education was financed under the G.I. Bill. During the Vietnam War, veterans essentiallty disappeared from college campuses, but are coming back now, perhaps thanks to the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill that was passed in 2008 to help returning warriors go back to school.

Rodgers said at the recent recruiting visit at Camp Pendleton with the Wounded Warrior Battalion that most veteran applicants are handled on a case by case basis, meaning that if they have suffered a certain type of injury in war or have another personal issue it will be acknowledged and taken into consideration with their application.


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