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CG Team Kodiak, Alaska
CG Team Kodiak
CG Team Kodiak Lodging
Coast Guard Base Kodiak Lodging: 

Kodiak Guest House, Building N-30, 205 Albatross Avenue, Kodiak, AK 99619  Reservations: (907) 487-5446, Ext. l,  Base Operator: (907) 487-5760

Lodging Details:  The Guest House at Kodiak offers 40 rooms, 5 family suites, 1 suite and 2 wheelchair accessible rooms.  Full kitchens, dining areas, and laundry facilities are available on each floor.  Rooms have a 21 day reservation limit which can be extended under certain situations and space available.

Base Location:  Kodiak, also know as Alaska's Emerald Isle, is a large island located to the south of Alaska proper. There is no type of mass transit available on the island. The town of Kodiak is located approximately 8 miles from the base. Map location of Coast Guard Base Kodiak and Base Housing Information

For off base lodging options please see following list of area hotels.
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